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 Gagarin develops highly interactive media solutions that allow people to uniquely experience, understand and share. Cutting-edge technology: they utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible experience to museum visitors, but the emphasis is always first and foremost on the story being told with the technology ideally blending into the background. Their core focus in interaction is tangibility and thus we have significant experience with working with variety of technical hardware and software programing environment.

Gagarin ltd will be in charge of the concept work in co-operation and will design and develop interactive exhibits and digital solutions for dissemination of information (public outreach) to the visitors to the St. Simon’s Bay archaeological site. The interactive solutions will be useful for tourism, the general public and school children. This kind of work is cross-disciplinary and requires collaboration between wide range of expertise including the specialist in the topics (excavators, historians etc) and the group of specialist in interactive dissemination of media rich content. It will design unique creative installations that allow people to experience, understand and share. Gagarin will use it’s 20 years of experience in storytelling and making of interactive solutions to enhance the visitor’s experience in museums and exhibitions.