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The archaeological site “Simonov zaliv” is a cultural monument of national importance. It boasts the best preserved and researched remains of a Roman seaside villa with a port in Slovenia; however, these aren’t adequately presented or accessible. The proposed project aims to increase the accessibility of the site and to provide a cultural and tourist frame within which the park could be adequately represented, thus developing a program and infrastructure which could enable the operation of the archaeological park throughout the year as well as its financial sustainability. The results of the project will include the creation of the presentation centre on the park’s grounds, the conserved and presented remains of the villa including the port, the inclusion of the park on the list of cultural and tourist attractions. The subjects to benefit from the project will include the local community, the education institutions on all levels, tourists and visitors with special needs, and, finally, institutions and persons with special interest in cultural heritage. Partners from Iceland will contribute the innovative digital and interactive solutions for the enhancement of visitors’ experience.